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To allow doctors more time to find employment in an underserved area.

Fecha de aprobación 21 de mayo de 2013

If a physician pursuing graduate medical education or training pursuant to section
101(a)(15)(J) applies for a Conrad J–1 waiver with
an interested State department of health and the ap-
plication is denied because the State has requested
the maximum number of waivers permitted for that
fiscal year, the physician’s nonimmigrant status
shall be automatically extended for 6 months if the
physician agrees to seek a waiver under this sub-
section (except for subparagraph (D)(ii)) to work for
an employer in a State that has not yet requested
the maximum number of waivers. The physician
shall be authorized to work only for such employer
from the date on which a new waiver application is
filed with the State until the date on which the Sec-
retary of Homeland Security denies such waiver or
issues work authorization for such employment pur-
suant to the approval of such waiver.’’.


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[Reforma migratoria][Empleo]

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