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Littleton Immigrant Integration Initiative

Fecha de aprobación 28 de junio de 2016

the goal of integrating all international newcomers into the Littleton community. Alongside this Initiative, the Littleton government also created the Littleton Immigrant Resource Center, which in 2009 merged with LI3. LI3 works to create a community in which all people feel like they belong by supporting services and programs for local immigrant families, bridging language and cultural differences through cultural and informational events, developing a committed donor and volunteer base and initiating fundraising opportunities. LI3 is always looking to fund new immigrant projects and initiatives. Past programs include: International Coffee Hours at the local library where everyone is welcome to socialize, practice their English and discuss issues Littleton Immigrant Resource Center Training for more than 100 community volunteers to work one-on-one with immigrants as they practice for their naturalization exam English language tutoring for immigrants by community volunteers In 2009, Littleton became a national pilot city of NLC’s Municipal Action for Immigrant Integration (MAII) program. Since then, MAII has implemented its NewCITYzen Naturalization Campaign, promoting citizenship at the local level, and its CITYzenship Community Initiative, including training sessions and the MAII Citizens’ Academy curriculum.


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